Annual Retreat

Each year PCB sponsors a retreat showcasing the research done by graduateView of Atlantic Ocean and postdoctoral trainees in the Department. Oral and poster presentations allow for a high volume of information exchange and awards are given to the top poster presenters. We also use this forum to present the Robert J. Fitzgerald Scholars awards to recognize the most important manuscripts published by students, fellows, and staff in the preceding year.

2020 Fitzgerald Scholars

Doug FoxDoug Fox (Alvarez Lab)
NRF2 activation promotes the recurrence of dormant tumour cells through regulation of redox and nucleotide metabolism.
Nature Metabolism 2020 Apr;2(4): 318-334

Jacob HojJacob Hoj (Pendergast Lab)
A TAZ-AXL-ABL2 feed-forward signaling axis promotes lung adenocarcinoma brain metastasis.
Cell Reports 2019 29:3421-3434

Kaitlyn AndreanoKaitlyn Andreano (McDonnell Lab)
The dysregulated pharmacology of clinically relevant ESR1 mutants is normalized by ligand-activated WT receptor.
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2020 Jul;19(7):1395-1405

Kevin LinKevin Lin (Wood Lab)
Using antagonistic pleiotropy to design a chemotherapy-induced evolutionary trap to target drug resistance in cancer.
Nature Genetics 2020 Apr;52(4):408-417

Siqi LiSiqi Li (Counter Lab)
Capturing the primordial Kras mutation initiating urethane carcinogenesis.
Nature Communications 2020 Apr 14;11(1):1800

Zhengtao XiaoZhengtao Xiao (Locasale Lab)
Metabolic landscape of the tumor microenvironment at single cell resolution.
Nature Communications 2019 Aug 21;10(1):3763