Annual Retreat

Each year PCB sponsors a retreat showcasing the research done by graduate students and postdocs in the Department. Oral and poster presentations allow for a high volume of information exchange and awards are given to the top poster presenters. We also use this forum to present the Robert J. Fitzgerald Scholars awards to recognize the most important manuscripts published by students, fellows, and staff in the preceding year.

Our next retreat will be held September 18-20, 2020 at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

2019 Retreat Poster Winners

Poster Winners

Jacob Kauffman (Wood Lab)
Jake Hoj (Pendergast Lab)
Nora Peterson (Fox Lab)
Kaitlyn Andreano (McDonnell Lab)
Elias Eteshola (Sullenger Lab)
Emma Bonglack (Luftig Lab)
Taylor Krebs (McDonnell Lab)
Andrew Whiteley (Sipkins Lab)

2019 Fitzgerald Scholars

Fitzgerald Scholars
Sydney Sanderson (Locasale Lab)
Nutrient availability shapes methionine metabolism in p16/MTAP-deleted cells.
Science Advances 2019 5:eaav7769

Amy Wisdom (Kirsch Lab)
Neutrophils promote tumor resistance to radiation therapy.
PNAS 2019 116(37):18584-18589

Kevin Lin (Wood Lab)
Systematic dissection of the metabolic-apoptotic interface in AML reveals heme biosynthesis to be a regulator of drug sensitivity.
Cell Metabolism 2019 29(5):1217-1231

Emily Bowie (Goetz Lab)
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 11-associated alleles of Ttbk2 dominantly interfere with ciliogenesis and cilium stability.
PLoS Genetics 2018 14(12):e1007844

Mónica Gutiérrez (MacAlpine Lab)
Nascent chromatin occupancy profiling reveals locus- and factor-specific chromatin maturation dynamics behind the DNA replication fork.
Genome Research 2019 29(7):1123-1133

Ryan Soderquist (Wood Lab)
Systematic mapping of BCL-2 gene dependencies in cancer reveals molecular determinants of BH3 mimetic sensitivity.
Nature Communications 2018 9(1):3513

Not pictured

Xia (Bella) Gao (Locasale Lab)
Dietary methionine influences therapy in a mouse cancer model and alters human metabolism.
Nature 2019 572(7769):397-401

Aaditya Khatri (Pendergast Lab)
ABL kinase inhibition promotes lung regeneration through expansion of an SCGB1A1+ SPC+ cell population following bacterial pneumonia.
PNAS 2019 116(5):1603-1612

Sunghee Park (McDonnell Lab)
Inhibition of ERRalpa prevents mitochondrial pyruvate uptake exposing NADPH-generating pathways as targetable vulnerabilities in breast cancer.
Cell Reports 2019 27:3587-3601

Benjamin Stormo (Fox Lab)
Interphase cohesin regulation ensures mitotic fidelity after genome reduplication.
Mol Biol Cell 2019 30(2):219-227